Goals · 28. February 2023
Unblocking Creative Block
7 steps to help break creative block
Goals · 27. January 2023
Reflecting on 2022: Five Highlights in a Challenging Year
2022 in review
Exhibitions  · 30. August 2022
Kate Kern Mundie: Rest FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: September 2022 CONTACTS: Kate Mundie 267-456-1851, mundieart@gmail.com or Fred Al Nakib 215-922-5155 LOCATION: F.A.N. Gallery, 221 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA WEBSITE: thefangallery.com INSTAGRAM: @the_fan_gallery @mundieart Kate Kern Mundie: Rest at F.A.N. Gallery, September 2-30, 2022 During the month of September, F.A.N. Gallery in Philadelphia will present Rest, an exhibition of Kate Kern Mundie’s landscape and still life paintings...
Exhibitions  · 26. August 2022
It Is Solved By Walking
A theme for the next art exhibition emerges.
Style · 10. July 2022
I am painting in Maine again this summer. Last summer, I completed eight paintings in two weeks in Maine and brought home four unfinished paintings to finish in the studio. I never got around to finishing them, so I brought them back to Maine this summer. This summer, I pulled out one of the unfinished paintings and set up in the same location and time of day. This was a complicated scene of wharves and buildings stacked along a tidal river estuary. I thought the painting was largely complete...
Exhibitions  · 13. June 2022
September 2022 Solo Show
September 2022 I will have a solo show at F.A.N. Gallery in Philadelphia. This show will feature around 20 paintings from my The Meadows series and other paintings from the Philadelphia area.
Goals · 22. March 2022
The Inner Critic
The inner critic versus the inner guide.
Goals · 10. March 2022
Artist Mother Virtual Residency
Thoughts about art habits after a month long Virtual Artists Residency
Goals · 31. December 2021
2021 was a hard year and we are still mid-pandemic. My family found our rhythm and pace during this year of isolation and were able to do some old style “normal” things. The studio has been my haven during the pandemic. This year, I set some art goals in January, and I met them all by the first week of November. I joined two art associations, American Women Artists and Artist/Mother Network. I took several artist business classes and online workshops. Overall, it was a great art year: I had...
Technique  · 10. November 2021
How long does it take to make a painting? Some paintings come together quickly- like magic and some you can fiddle with for months and still not feel like it’s finished.

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