Reflecting on 2022: Five Highlights in a Challenging Year

2022 was a year filled with ups and downs, especially with the loss of my mother. However, I want to focus on five positive moments that helped me through the year.


1. Art and Community: I joined the Thrive Together Network, a supportive community for woman-identifying artists. It provided me with a place to connect with other artists and discuss my work, making my art-making journey less isolating.


2. Virtual Artist Residencies: I participated in two virtual artist residencies through Thrive Together Network (TTN) in February and September. TTN provided structure and accountability for me to pursue my art and allowed me to establish good habits and explore new materials.


3. Maine Artist Residency: My artist spouse and I spent a month making art in Maine, taking advantage of a loaned house from poet friends. The self-imposed residency gave us a chance to rest, recharge, and make art in a new landscape.


4. Solo Show of Meadows Series: I showed my Meadows series, documenting the seasons of a city park before it was destroyed, at the F.A.N. Gallery in September. The body of work told a story through a series of landscape paintings.


5. Good Press: The work was recognized by Grid Magazine, which featured my Meadows series and my artistic journey. You can read about it in the article, "The South Philly Meadows remembered by Kate Kern Mundie" in Grid Magazine by Dawn Kane


Despite the challenges I faced in 2022, I am grateful that my art practice brought me joy and purpose.  I am looking forward to continued growth as an artist and creating new memories in 2023.

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