I am Kate Kern Mundie, a landscape painter interested in the intersection between the natural landscape and human influence. My work explores the ever-changing environment through vibrant landscapes using thick impasto brush strokes in oil paint on wood panels. Drawing inspiration from direct observation and infusing it with the filter of memory and nostalgia, I forge emotional connections to the places I portray.


My creative process begins with long walks and hikes, where I sketch and photograph, gathering resources for my paintings. Returning to these inspiring locations, I paint outdoors to capture the changing light, color, and shadow. In the studio, I refine these details to enhance each painting’s narrative. My work reflects an acute awareness of climate change, informed by my observations of its impact on the landscape.


My dedication to portraying the beauty of the natural world persists, whether painting en plein air or working from my studios in Pennsylvania or Maine. I continue to weave my observations of the environment into the fabric of my art, creating works that resonate with the enduring connection between people and place.