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business · 08. October 2023
My Journey with Gallery Representation (Part 3)
My personal experience with gallery representation reveals a range of what gallery representation can provide.
business · 08. September 2023
Navigating the Terrain of Gallery Representation (Part 2)
What exactly does gallery representation bring to an artist's career?
business · 28. August 2023
The Reality of Gallery Representation for Artists (Part 1)
Many artists dream of achieving gallery representation, envisioning a glamorous life of paintings sold and paychecks received with ease. But let's be honest—this fantasy is far from the reality for most artists.
Goals · 31. December 2021
2021 was a hard year and we are still mid-pandemic. My family found our rhythm and pace during this year of isolation and were able to do some old style “normal” things. The studio has been my haven during the pandemic. This year, I set some art goals in January, and I met them all by the first week of November. I joined two art associations, American Women Artists and Artist/Mother Network. I took several artist business classes and online workshops. Overall, it was a great art year: I had...