2021 Year End Wrap Up

2021 was a hard year and we are still mid-pandemic. My family found our rhythm and pace during this year of isolation and were able to do some old style “normal” things.


The studio has been my haven during the pandemic. This year, I set some art goals in January, and I met them all by the first week of November. I joined two art associations, American Women Artists and Artist/Mother Network. I took several artist business classes and online workshops. Overall, it was a great art year: I had a show that had been on hold for a while; I made lots of new work; and took care of some art business tasks that had been on my to-do list for a long time.


In thinking about 2022, I want to build on this year’s successes. Last year, I set the goals of selling at least one painting a month and meeting a certain financial milestone over the whole year. I met those goals, but I had a solo gallery show, so I want to see if I can do that again in a year without the show in the mix.  I also want to get gallery representation outside of the tristate area. Trying for gallery representation outside of the Philadelphia and Wilmington area is daunting because I can’t travel right now to start establishing relationships with galleries.



I want to thank everyone who encouraged me or gave me good information to help my art business along. I want to thank everyone who bought artwork this year and helped support artists in their practice.

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