A fine art book cover

My painting "The Night Kitchen" now graces the front cover of The Quiet Book by Pattie McCarthy

Illustrations for Pastoral (years later) by Nathan Hauke

In conjunction with ShirtPocketPress I illustrated the poem, Pastoral (years later) by Nathan Hauke

Collaborations with Pattie McCarthy

Kate Kern Mundie, Pattie McCarthy
Sisyphus and the Laundry

I am inspired by the work of poet and Pew fellow,  Pattie McCarthy.  I am working on some drawings and paintings inspired by her poems and converstations we have had about art and motherhood. She has writen poems based on some of my paintings and drawings as well. Here is a link to several of her poems published by Horseless Press. 


You can also read more about it here. 

Collaboration with James Mundie

Kate Kern Mundie, James Mundie
Mom, Wife, Employee, Artist

I am married to an artist,  James Mundie. He is a printmaker, photographer and draftsman. We are working on a series of photos about the state of working parents in the US today. You can find out more about this portrait/self-portait here