What kind of painter am I?


Recently, I was rejected from the American Artist Professional League (AAPL). Their reasoning was that my work was too impressionistic and they only accept realism.


I aspire, not only in style but subject, to artists like Hopper and Bellows who are considered American Realist painters. I saw my work as realist in subject and a painting style that walks a line between realism and impressionism but leaned more heavily towards realism. 


It is interesting to see how others perceive your work and style. Do I need to rewrite my artist statement?  How to I talk about my work? What kind of painter am I, and does a label even matter? I suppose it only matters, if I am applying for shows or networking where there is a designated theme or desired style. 


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    Michael W. Savchak (Friday, 19 August 2022 13:18)

    The AAPL is a bit narrow minded in my opinion. My first impression of your work was indeed like that of Hopper. I would suggest that their loss is definately your gain!