Technique  · 10. November 2021
How long does it take to make a painting? Some paintings come together quickly- like magic and some you can fiddle with for months and still not feel like it’s finished.
Exhibitions  · 05. September 2021
Exhibitions  · 17. June 2021
Kate Kern Mundie: Coming Back I am an intuitive painter. I approach each painting without a definite plan or an expectation of what I want the end result to look like. Shadows are what draw me to my subjects and define for me what I am to paint. The shadow tells the story and defines the space. I paint the shadows to dominate the composition and build the painting around them. I love bright and luminous color, but I cannot show off how brilliant a color is without the contrasting darkness....
Exhibitions  · 15. June 2021
July 2021 Press Release for Kate Kern Mundie: Coming Back
ate Kern Mundie: Coming Back is on view at F.A.N. Gallery, 221 Arch Street, Philadelphia, from July 2 through 30. An artist reception will be held on Friday, July 30, from 5 to 8:00 p.m. For more information, please visit or call 215-922-5155.
Style · 11. May 2021
Recently, I was rejected from the American Artist Professional League (AAPL). Their reasoning was that my work was too impressionistic and they only accept realism. I aspire, not only in style but subject, to artists like Hopper and Bellows who are considered American Realist painters. I saw my work as realist in subject and a painting style that walks a line between realism and impressionism but leaned more heavily towards realism. It is interesting to see how others perceive your work and...
28. June 2018
Gerritt Street After Summer Storm
Not much will come in between me and food, but this painting did. As my family and I were eating dinner, I was watching the sky getting darker and darker until it opened up and poured for about 15 minutes then the sky turned a crazy orange color. I got up from the table looking out the windows trying to get a good view- maybe something I could paint. I ended up walking down the street to get a view of the sky as it moved from a pinky-yellow color to an orange. I did a quick painting, working...
21. August 2014
Kate Kern Mundie Painting at Moose Point
Jim and I were recipients of one of the last artist residencies at the Elizabeth Bishop House in Great Village, Nova Scotia. We spent a week in the childhood and spiritual home of Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979), former poet laureate of the United States (1949-1950), and winner of the Pulitzer Prize (1956) and National Book Award (1970). We enjoyed painting, drawing, reading, and taking photos at the house and nearby. It was an inspirational space. The house was full of the work of previous...
07. June 2014
Kate Kern Mundie, North 6 Haze, oil on panel
Pattie McCarthy used my painting North 6 Haze in her Jacket2 review. Pattie McCarthy comments on subtexts within Ryan Eckes’ first book, Old News (Furniture Press, 2011) for Jacket2 .
06. June 2014
Kate Kern Mundie, City Hall in Fog, oil on pane
Review from City Paper First Friday Focus by Holly Otterbein @hollyotterbein Published: 12/04/2012 F.A.N. GALLERY Kate Kern Mundie captures Philadelphia’s offbeat splendor in traditional landscape paintings. In one piece, she depicts a foggy, gray sky over Philadelphia’s City Hall with pleasing, chunky brushstrokes. Another painting reveals the stark difference between the tranquil Schuylkill River and the harsh highway circling around it. Mundie is especially interested in unexpected...
Exhibitions  · 12. June 2010
Kate Kern Mundie's recent paintings, at F.A.N. Old school, without apologies By Andrew Mangravite In this exhibit of 33 oils, mostly done on Masonite, Kate Kern Mundie offers up landscape art in the classic American tradition. Rather than pursue pure Impressionism or pure photorealism, Mundie paints in the style that hearkens back to the work of the "Ashcan School" of early 20th Century artists. This is a hybrid of impressionist atmospherics but of heavy, earthbound realism in its execution....